Derby entry comments for Derby #433: Southwest States

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Yeah, science!

I will go there one day! I just need a place to crash.

It’s not that hot.

This is my favorite show right now, you skunk!

Awesome work!

Ha! I like the way you think. :wink:

This is a reference to the large aircraft scrapyards. I also like the argyle pattern that the planes make.



Dibs on a “Better Call Soul” version of his. Thanks Spiritgreen for your suggestion :slight_smile:

I’m guessing Wall-e got him. :wink: Fun design man.

Great design!

You could go to Nevada instead and crash at Area 51. I think they’re waiting for you.

It looks like a weather balloon to me…

Thanks, Randy! He was fun to draw. :slight_smile:

He has that look of a character that just comes together exactly how you wanted, I think this is my favorite state themed tee I have seen :slight_smile:



Chinese hello?