Derby entry comments for Derby #434: Dinosaurs

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The end of all things.

I hope shirt woot doesn’t find any copyrights issues here! I´m using the name of the real dinosaur Bambiraptor. Any resemblance with the Bambi character is just coincidence and the type is public domain. Hope you like it or at least it makes you smile!

He’s back!

Dinosaur power!

Yay! Brontosaurus is back!

This is terrifying, I dig it!

Archaeologists don’t study dinosaurs.

Love is complicated.

I LOLed.

Awww, it’s so cute!


i like the graphic style. very wearable.

I know- They study human past and the artifacts they leave behind. Jurassic Park is about dinosaurs AND humans-ALSO- Had I said PALEONTOLOGY -it isn’t as fun of a pun.

Also- it doesn’t say Archaeology.

I know- maybe it’s too weird.
Hope you like it anyway! MOTORCYCLES AND DINOSAURS 4 LIFE!

This is Great!

Lovely and dynamic.

All kitchen staff could use this little guys help!

Damn dastardly dog!