Derby entry comments for Derby #435: Northwest States.

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Visit our penguins.

The cutest state.

Last isn’t so bad.

Portlandia fans will get it…

couldn’t resist :smiley:


Gnome is where the heart is. There’s no place like Gnome. Gnome sweet Gnome. Gnome is where you keep your cat- I put the me in Gnome- wait…

That is some might fine gnomenclature!

Hope you find this as funny as it was on my mind.

It has always been funny to me how you can say “cojones” on live tv on the States, but not on Spanish speaking tv.

I can’t handle the cute! :o

Awesome, thanks so much (◕‿◕✿)

Carefully crafted with the six color limit; two blues, two greens, a pink, and white! I’m super excited about it. And it’s really got me hankering for some homemade spam musubi.

seems a little big, but still cool. +1


Ha- perfect!
Thanks- as you know, they didn’t build Gnome in a day!

Cute little fellow!

Enjoy it while you can. Puerto Rico is coming for you! lol

Anyone at Woot care to elaborate how a pot leaf on the Colorado shirt last week claiming there is more than one way to get high gets the pass while this design does not? I’m all ears.

Actually I think it has more to do with the space needle in the background :c being privately owned there might be issues selling its image.

I need this shirt!
Off to Kauai in 2 weeks - can’t stay away.