Derby entry comments for Derby #436: Olive Tees

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On purpose.

You might have run across this IRL meme:

Love this.

“With A Side Of Red Panda”

This shirt is well on its way to becoming a camouflage tee.

Been meaning to draw a dragon for some time- Hope you like my little hatchling!

My money’s on the squid.

Beverage not included.

My husband likes to mouth “Olive Juice” across the room to me. When I smile at him for being sweet, he cracks up laughing. He thinks it’s hilarious.

The first quote from Jurassic World is out.


Bring it, zombies!

Larger Art:

Tie, bowtie, scarf.

Terrific, Kevlar!

wow. fantastic texture-work. beautiful design. +1


very cool. love tattoo art… and avocados.

The Cassette Boombox is Back

Life is twisted.