Derby entry comments for Derby #439: 3D Tees

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3d art is my new favorite thing- Thanks for forcing me to learn how to fake it woot- I am going to do an art project with construction paper cutouts with my students now!

Totally Radical! (was really fun to try and make the different parts of the dragon pop!)

We all have it!

Doesn’t everyone carry 3D glasses with them? I sure do!

p.s. Thanks, Woot, for making me learn something new. This was fun and I’m totally amazed the 3D really works! :slight_smile:

That book that pops out at you and you just can’t put down.

This really pops! …and yeah, I happen to have a pair on me today- Might have to keep them at my side- heh

Nice illusion! -and beautiful moment for your idea. :wink:

Prebacon! :wink: Solid work.

so does it work?

Since the pig is more solid that the background- he stands out- There isn’t a TON of difference in the depth, but it is apparent, and a cooler image for it.

Nice! :smiley: Like the effect with 3D and “3D” -

Thanks! I’ve never tried 3D before, so I was nervous about entering. It’s nice to hear positive feedback.

thanks for verifying. i couldnt sleep thinking about it :stuck_out_tongue:

As a massive Back To The Future Fan I get the reference straight away. It being 2015 as well makes this shirt brilliant. Great job as always.

multi-faceted, sophisticated humor.

Absolutely wonderful! +1 here.

So I feared all night that I did this wrong only to find out today that I infact did screw up. I got the eyes flipped, you would have to wear glasses backwards to see the effect.

thank you @oakenspirit for checking on it, i would not have caught it otherwise.

and I hope the people that voted for me before will be kind enough to vote again :stuck_out_tongue:

As Marty would say, “It still looks fake.” :slight_smile:

Seems to have forgotten that he isn’t wearing 3D glasses! (Likely on account of his short lil arms) :stuck_out_tongue: