Derby entry comments for Derby #440: Bad Guys

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Pirate cat

Bring me Solo and the Wookiee. Ohhhh, I thought he said, “Bring me coffee and a cookiee.”

Misfit Babies! We make your nightmares come true!

This is straight up badass.

Bad Guys have jobs when they’re not being dastardly! Jafar has got a pretty lucrative advertising contract with McVillians!

Love it! Baby Skeletor is perfect!

Resubbed, please vote for the one below.

MODS, please delete this post for the deleted sub.

Sometimes a Bad Guy is also the BEST Anit-Heroe

Resub, please vote again.

You haven’t seen The Professional, do yourself a favor.

[youtube=7LFlDRbj0OY] [/youtube]

Nothing like a nice day of fishing after a long night of punishing teens. To bad there’s no fish to be found in this lake…

Hahaha Mum-Rah in dippers! Fun design buddy!


The Tag is very clever! Love your Jabba!

He finds great pleasure in his work.

this is a cool design. i don’t know the reference but i like. plus it has my birth year on it.

Haha! This is great.

Awesome design!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

The dark side has a creamy center.

I really like this! Nice job.