Derby entry comments for Derby #441: Tank Tops

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Take the beach!

  • Spiritgreen

This started out as a joke-shirt for Ocho and ADQ, but I ended up liking it anyway! :smiley:

I needed a shirt to not-work-out in… figured I’d make one. :wink:

One of my favorites EVER!

Love it. MUST OWN IT!

Ha, love it. Great execution as always oaken!

That is one continuos line, NO intersections

He’ll cheer you right up!

Hah! They are so sick, don’t listen to ADQ if she says otherwise.

Hahahaha I love you as an artist more than I hate that damn joke.

cool concept

this is very funny. you got the latissimus dorsi wrong tho. but not a deal breaker

Looks like the “can we keep it” submission is a resub without changes from derby #266.

Um… Is this a direct resub from derby #266? I don’t see any alterations from the previously submitted design.

Yes it is. A precedent has been set with 1981: A legend is Born which printed without any changes. It is common nowadays.

It is fine, especially when it’s for different products. It’s not a strict rule necessarily, we use it if we feel someone is spamming the same design over and over again. Clearly Omar hasn’t posted this one for a while AND it’s for a derby different than the original he subbed on, so we are not going to throw a huge fit.

Hahahaha!! Totally GMV!

A happy counter to ‘Cranky Crab with Coffee’ (which I have)! GMV!

Yay catshirt!