Derby entry comments for Derby #442: Sloths, Otters, Pugs and Chinchillas

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The real Reverse Flash.

Float like a pug, sting like a pug also.

Science. As weird as videogames.

  • Spiritgreen :^)

Especially when they do the head tilt.

oh YES!

I love Pass the Pigs!

If I could make a Patronus… I’m pretty sure it would be a sloth :slight_smile:

Live and Unpugged!

Sound advice…

I ain’t got no worries or hurry

A.k.a. Apugalypse Now.

Doctor Wells is a sloth? I can’t take any more of these twists!


Wear this while you’re makin’ bacon pancakes.

This is my kind of race. I can finish any length, given enough time. I’m sure over the course of a year, I could probably finish a marathon!

Truth in advertising.

Here’s a bigger image that should show the line work on Groot better.

very cool style as usual.

Is this sorta a take on Animal Crossing’s KK Slider?

Thanks Mecos !

He’s bad to the bone. :slight_smile: