Derby entry comments for Derby #443: Low Poly Art

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Found this pretty challenging, let me know what you think guys, thanks!

Great minds think alike… or something like that :slight_smile:

Massively out of my comfort zone on this one but it was fun trying something new :slight_smile:

Once I got the hang of the style I really enjoyed doing it. It is easy to learn but probably hard to master.

how are you guys getting different shades of the same color? when working in illustrator can one just use transparency without worrying about halftones?

The common phoenix’s second cousin, once removed :slight_smile:

Thanks for looking!

i wanted to do a doge for the 3d derby, i’m surprised no one else did it then.


I like it alot, you took the same approach I was thinking of by using the geometric shapes in the background to add to the actual main image. I’m becoming a pretty big fan of your work there Otter! :smiley:

Love it!

Very well done!

I had a lot of fun with this new style! I hope you enjoy it.

This looks great!

This is really sweet! Well done with all of the angles - I bet it was difficult.

agreed. this is very well executed.

The first time they saw an octopus…

Love the pocket!

I hadn’t even planned on doge, I just used the pic to practice low poly but ended up liking it. You’re right, would have been good for the 3d derby.

Love the pacman ghosts, btw!

Great concept! I love the eyes…