Derby entry comments for Derby #445: Cook-Outs: Aprons or Tees

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Lol very nice!

Sorry, I had to to it… :wink:

I think this is one of your best ever!!!

Close quarters = crushes.

Figured it could work on an apron or a tee!

so good! +1

Heh this is sweet

I love Jurassic park and grilling… I want this shirt!

This rocks

I was thinking about doing an idea like this too! Good work

So wrong, and so right.

Thanks buddy :slight_smile:

ahh! so adorable! :slight_smile:

Hahaha this is so cute

Awesome! Very nicely done

It’s a veggiesaur!

I like!

this is devilish. i love the feel

On spot with the timing of this one. Nicely executed!

Ooof - I want THIS on an apron :smiley: