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The Pica Republic

Motto: “Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet”, which roughly translates to “This is a typography joke”.

Ethnic groups: 26 lower case letters, 26 upper case letters, 10 digits, various punctuation

National anthem: Who Shot the Serif?

Size of country: 12 points

Most common natural disaster: comma splices

National Sport: watching quick brown foxes jump over the lazy dogs

Emblem: As the indigenous people are quite athletic, Picans are very passionate about their national sport. Thus, the fox and the dog are national symbols, be they quick, brown, lazy, or none of the above.

An emblem to represent a country with new hope signified by the egg and the wings. With the other circular layers representing the terrain of the world.


edit So you may see the more fine details

Hey, everybody… if you liked this older version please check out my NEW VERSION HERE

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On May 25, 2008, the Phoenix spacecraft landed on Mars with two main purposes: find environments suitable for microbial life and research the history of water. What Earth scientists couldn’t have realized was that the simple little lander would exceed their wildest dreams. Its tiny drill unleashed a river of hidden water lurking just below the surface of the red planet’s soil. The water refreshed an alien microbial species that instantly bonded to the spacecraft and began to rapidly mutate. The resulting techno-organic life-form had achieved self sustainability in a week, sentience in a month, and by the end of the year had established itself as a thriving colony of intelligent beings known as New Phoenix Colony 00101010. Their first purpose: To send a probe to that strange blue ball in the distant sky… a planet they would soon take for their own…

Well, the first sentence of that was true. The rest I made up. :slight_smile:

This one’s dedicated to Sascha, who really wants a phoenix shirt and asked me to design one.

they keep talking and i cant go to bed :frowning:

here is a bigger view.

Who doesn’t like math? No one in Mathland, that’s for sure.

Lol this is great I really want one.

I had hair like this when I was a kid. Was embarrasing. Would have been nice if there was a place where high hair was the norm…

Orange is to red as green is to blue. (Remove yellow from the first color to achieve the second color.)

By the way, if it matters, which it doesn’t, but I’m gonna say it anyway… in my head, it’s pronounced [an-uh-LO-zha].

Designing this shirt was like climbing Mt. Everest… No, wait… Designing this shirt was like making macaroni and cheese… No, no, no… Oh, fine, so I’m not really good at making analogies. Where’s an Analogian when you need one? Coming up with a good analogy is like…

^–The national seal of Fantasma, the land of dreams—a utopia for those who believe in more than reality. :slight_smile:

Yay for Dragons! and Knights… (its actually a ninja in that armor,… a zombie ninja… of death!)

Ok woot, (and those itching to hit the tattle button), let me explain to you why this design follows the rules perfectly.
emblem - check
some text - check
no real countries - check. This is NOT the Soviet Union, this is NOT the United States. This is the Soviet States of America, a hybrid if you will, and most importantly, a completely FICTIONAL and IMAGINARY place. Sure its no CrazyMurderousMacaroniAndCheese-istan, but it is well within the rules.
No imaginary countries that someone else created - check

“Remember, your world has a very different history than ours!” - I couldn’t have said it better myself woot.

Now that I have that out of the way, thank you for your votes, and I hope you like the shirt. Stalin has always been an intriguing historical figure for me and I like the way this shirt turned out, hopefully fellow history buffs will too.

The place where the Secret Chipmunk Army launches attacks from…

I think my teeth are forming a revolution. Oh wait, that was the other week. Cool design Edgar.


The mythical homeland of the Yetis, tucked away in the frozen wasteland of Scandinavia, thrived for centuries, unnoticed by outside influences. The Yetis, who would travel south in search of food, were often targeted by hunters for their white coats, which were prized in the cold regions of Europe. People often dreamed of conquering the Yeti homeland, but no one knew for sure where it was, and it was guarded by terrain too dangerous to traverse for mere man.

Alas, in time conquerors did come. In 1099 a Viking horde invaded Yetislavia, razing the villages and capturing many Yeti. The few that managed to escape scattered across the globe. Some settled in the Himalayas. Others managed to make the treacherous crossing to North America, where they dyed their coats brown to hide amongst the forests.

No record has ever been found of their territory. It is believed the Vikings destroyed everything. Little is known about their culture, or their language (Yettish). What is certain is that they are plotting….waiting….to one day return to their ancestral home. And perhaps remind us all of why their motto, their battle cry, is Iki Sata Yetislavia!!!

Full size image

Wear this around your ex when it gets too awkward.

Octropica is a pleasant enough place, if you’re an octopus. This oceanic nation prides itself on two things: 1) how awesome they are at devouring passing sailors, and 2) how photogenic they look in their national crest.

<3 it.

What’s an a-n-a-l ogia? LOL, sorry, just had to say it.

Let’s celebrate the history of New Puckerton’s brief yet compelling history as it relates to it’s flag design. The red represents the primary pucker color, a color of hope and prosperity. Red embodies the pleasant spirit and ”can do” attitude of the plucky citizens of New Puckerton.

The blue represents the bold wide skies above the great nation of New Puckerton.

The yellow represents the color of New Puckerton’s primary export: cheese.

And the five red tassels across the bottom represent the blood that was metaphorically shed during the brief, furious, but ultimately successful annexation of the neighboring country of Gloomeria in the winter of early 2008, known as ”the Five Day Annexation.”

The flag of New Puckerton is unlike many flags in that it is flown horizontally from a boom. The flag hangs from five blue tabs, representing the five distinct yet equally beautiful regions of the country: the Piedmont, the Plains, the Peaks, the wilderness area of Podunk, and the wetland marshes known as the Puddles.

Wear this shirt with pride, and although you may not be a New Puckertonian by birth, this small but great nation welcomes you with open arms and a big kiss on the cheek.

Thank you for your consideration, and have a gr**eat weekend folks!