Derby entry comments for Derby #455: Under the Big Top

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Description: Come one! Come all! Witness the most twisted of wonders beneath the darkest of nights! Marvel at the Strongman of Santa Prisca! Test your intellect against our Enigmatic Mentalist! Gaze in delight at our Masterful Fire-starter, erhm … Fire-eater! You’ll get so lost in wonderment and disbelief that you may NEVER make it out … from under the big top. Four colors on a brown t-shirt.

I’m sure I’m testing the rejectionator with this one; I know its tendancy to target the Bat. But given that “Arkham” isn’t trademarked and the bevy of 1960s logo parody t-shirts, I’m hoping to be in the clear. Either way, I had a blast designing this.

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Awesome! I think you and I had a theme going this week:)

…or a monkey, or a lion, or a tiger…

Neat, I really like the colors. Great job!

You know, I’d still pay to see this circus. Even if it’s below average, there’s probably still peanuts and cotton candy.


A huge thanks to the Hubs for re-editing my design. At first, I had black text and it wasn’t easy to read, but I was stuck at work without my computer. And he even remade my thumbnail and shirt comp! Thanks, Mr. Krittikae!

His dreams are nearly as big as his shoes.

Dun dun dunna dunna dun dun dun na

Ah, dang. This is a good solid idea and I’d totally buy these cookies if they were real.

Agreed with the above; you really have a great eye for color. I love the way this is symmetrical with little variations on each side! Super cool details.

“Gravity? What gravity?” Ha~h!

Aw, dang. Depressingly true. How could you make something so grim cute?! ;-; That’s illegal.

Neat, out of all the StarWars stuff I’ve seen this is an original idea for certain.

I’m hoping cute elephant offsets sad elephant. :slight_smile:

Looks like we both think of elephants when the circus is mentioned :stuck_out_tongue:

Heh. Lure 'em in with the cute; hit 'em hard in the feels! It’s a delicate balance. -;]

This guy freaks me right the hell out… +1 great job!

For the days when you feel like you are surrounded by clowns.

Your elephant is awesome! Elephant butt cheeks!

Thanks, everyone loves elephant butts right?