Derby entry comments for Derby #464: Robots

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OKAY so this is a revision of a design I had submitted to derby #92 “steampunk” (in 2009!!) that I had always wanted to have another chance. I have spent a crazy number of hours fixing this up, I’d say around 90% of the lines are drawn over or remade… (in hindsight, I think remaking this from scratch would have been a lot faster). Much of the old lineart was jittery from having a cheap tablet back then, but they’re nice and smooth for printing now. I gave it better wings, more fire, bigger thighs!!, altered parts here and there, and recolored it entirely. Whew. And I even managed to avoid using halftones. I hope you all like it!

Robot caffeine.

Here’s a close-up detail:


  • Spiritgreen


I wanted to try a new style for this design. Hope this reads clearly as the brave robot Johnny 5! Any feedback / critiquing is appreciated.

Cake, and grief counseling, will be available at the conclusion of the test.

I haven’t seen much use of pastel colors on this site previously and felt like these colors looked pretty sweet on a light blue tee. Feedback and critiquing is appreciated!

Sweet mashup, Great job dude!

And full of music…

This is just beautiful, and I love getting the chance to vote for it.

I was working on this other idea that I really love but just didn’t have time to develop it fully. The joke is “rowboat / robot / row-boat” of course, but when I googled it I had seen a handful that had already been illustrated. Shockingly, they almost all had a robot IN a row boat. I wanted to draw a robot AS the row-boat, and a starry-eyed kid is sitting in it and rowing. The claw-hands would be perfect “rowlocks” (the things an oar sits in).

I just wanted to share :slight_smile:

Nice! Can’t have a robot derby without rglee!

Ridiculously obscure reference mashup! Herbie the Love Bug meets H.E.R.B.I.E. the Robot who was in a Fantastic Four cartoon that one time.

dang… this is incredible. Great job!

Agreed. When I saw the theme I knew I had to go hunting for the rglee design. I love Robbie’s bots.

Poor Hitchbot. This is why we can’t have nice things in Philly. :frowning:

This is fantastic in every way imaginable!

Are you a Jawa? Do you like tinkering with robots? Then it’s time to try out the Robot Repair Game! It takes a steady hand!!

Awesome work! Great job.

If you would like to see a fun “animated” version, you can click here! :slight_smile: