Derby entry comments for Derby #466: Cats

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Cat-Exist :slight_smile:

I’m not a cat person, but I can certainly appreciate their time management skills.

Cats. They sleep and just don’t care.

Aww, how cute…


Why do it meow?

Awwww purrty :slight_smile:

hahaha very nice, excellent execution

It’d be cool if this glowed in the dark.

Pure NEED for this shirt! Got my vote Fable Fire :smiley:

Super fun cat shapes!

Look at t-shirts getting all postmodern and self-referential . Does this mean we’re a true medium now?

Have yourself a glass…

I was inspired by many memes and my families bad 80’s portraits. Hope everyone enjoys!

Based on a song I wrote for GISHWHES.


Clever one, Kevlar!

Very cute! I am watching Gotham at last, and now I want this shirt :slight_smile:

This is a resub of an idea I had a few months back in another theme derby, but I hope it does well in the cats derby. Hope everyone laughs at the concept a second time around!

Thanks, Spirit! Yes, let us peel away all the layers until we are (figuratively) naked. :slight_smile:

You’ve sung soft kitty. What’s better than that? Soft kitty with hot coffee. (sung to the theme of soft kitty from Big Bang Theory)