Derby entry comments for Derby #467: Woot!

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Sorry guys, had to ride the cat train one more derby, haha. I couldn’t help but notice that the exclamation mark makes a body upside down so I went with it.

“Dinglehopper” sounds like a crappy item you would get in a BagOfCrap :slight_smile:

Something cool for those who like a certain part of Woot best…

First thought that came to mind when Woot put this theme up. Hope it sticks. :slight_smile:

Ground Control to Mortimer… Ground Control to Mortimer… Take your B O C and get your red cape on!

Crappy Day to you! :slight_smile:

Actually it rhymes with coot.

hahaha +1

Nice! Very wearable.


Actually, it rhymes with *hit! :slight_smile:


But the contest is very specifically for all of Woot, not just Shirt Woot :\

And a happy crappy day to you too!

  • Looks at account history …

There’s other parts?

I’m so sick of cute cats!

Taking raw materials and turning them into the sweet sweet woot stuff we know and love. It definitely sounds like this - Powerhouse from Looney Tunes

3 colors, using the correct logo.

Exactly! If it wasn’t for those little icons I wouldn’t know what’s going on for the rest of Woot…

My God, it’s full of stars

4 colors, correct logo.