Derby entry comments for Derby #470: Trees and Leaves

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Just be leaf. :slight_smile:

If I didn’t make horrible, overdone puns, I’d probably be too miserable to function.

Collaboration with adrianconto, I hope you like it!

For anyone else who ever wondered what traveling ants were doing with all those leaves ; ) Hope you guys enjoy!

Night is dark and full of noises.

Das Groot!

Wow… So much time without derbying!! I missed it!

As a fall lover, I just had to participate :slight_smile:

Leafy leaf.

Throwing caution to the wind, this baby bird is gonna fly no matter what.

Spoiler Alert!

This friendship won’t last… “Barárum”

Thanks to the Spirits (Oaken and Green) and Fishy for the help!

That’s awesome!

Already have fall and winter, so continuing on a theme, here’s summer! :slight_smile:

Four colors on a black tee :slight_smile:

I LOL every time I see it! Great shirt, buddy!

Wow, man. Awesome design!

Dig into Fall: 6 Colors on Brown! The dark green is a halftone. Leaves! So many leaves.

By far, my favorite use for trees. I love to read, and there’s nothing quite like flipping through the leaves of a book.

Damn! we had roughly the same idea

This is sharp. The shining light is so vivid against the black shirt.