Derby entry comments for Derby #470: Trees and Leaves

Crisp, clean, and lovely- Much like this time of the year! :slight_smile:

I adore this- :smiley:

Oh… oh dear…

This is all-around wonderful. Sharp design and composition, and love the popping red. Great work, you two.

Simply spectacular, Travis. GMV and an auto-buy.

Superb! You always impress.

Very amusing!

Great, wearable design. Solid work!

Oh man- those stems. This is HILARIOUS-

Lovely, calm scene. :slight_smile: Some really nice texture work here.

So much beautiful, beautiful odd going on here.

They’re smiling… my God why are they smiling!!! :smiley:

So adorable! I’m picturing Pip (@Apelad’s LOLcats) just hugging this little fella all day too!

Love your constant loose, wispy wiles. :slight_smile:

That axe! Squirrels are evil.

Poor Saruman. I can imagine him lovingly tending the forest while musing, long before his pride and powerlust corrupted him…

Cute, fun design Omar-

Definitely enjoying this! peaking through the leaves was a cool idea.

If you Be Leaf, they put a man on the moon- (man on the moon!)

This is so great!

Great mood in this scene. GMV!

Thanks all for your support. And yes, I’m part jedi.