Derby entry comments for Derby #473: Fantasy Football League WILDCARDS

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Ha! Clever!

This is a rework of my last entry for SF. Now you can actually read the text!

Awesome Illustration!


Hahaha! That’s fantastic. =)

I bet this team never wins…

Wow, that’s really impressive.

I asked someone from Louisiana. He approves this shirt as funny.

Way better than that other marine mammal… Go Narwhals!!!

I just geeked-out a bit when I realized that the Star Fleet HQ is in San Fransisco. Well played!

These guys took the expression “throwing around the ol’ pigskin” a little too literally.

Be careful though - there’s a football team in NO called “The Voodoo” that also uses a skull as their logo. Your skull isn’t the focus, but it might still be too close to their name.

Sadly no, but they sure know how to take one for the team!

Just think, the cheerleaders could use hoverboards, and the DeLorean could haul away injured players. Lol

i don’t think that’s an issue at all.

good job btw

YES please!

Hey Tater, congrats on such a neat execution and cool concept!!


hahaha, I meant dolphins…