Derby entry comments for Derby #474: Bad Habits

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Smoking can be a bad habit, and some of us just want to extract oxygen from the atmosphere without interruption! Inspired by signs on the houses of my Meals on Wheels clients.

Yeah, he’s super bad. :wink:

Refined sugar gets a bad rap. Let’s take it back!

In case you’re curious, there are actually 99 bad habits on this shirt:

social media, oversleeping, chocolate for dinner, cracking gum, not doing dishes, talking with mouth full, stealing wifi, passive-aggressive behavior, facebook, not voting, chewing with mouth, open, bullying, reddit, fast food, popping zits, cracking knuckles, boredom eating, shoplifting, twitter, road rage, texting during, the movie, maxing credit cards, tapping pens, talking to yourself, smartphone on toilet, eavesdropping, over-salting, interrupting, not listening, lying, staying up too late, forgetting names, smoking, long toenails, belching, binge-watching, video games clutter, messy car loitering, candy, laziness, trolling comments, leaving the lights on, over-packing, blowing off classes, reality television, instagram, drinking from the carton, flaking out, over data plan, bad grammar, holding grudges, driving too fast, comfort shopping, too much takeout, nose-picking, over-eating, bad hygiene, not washing hands, gluten speeding, not paying bills, licking fingers, freeloading, not enough vegetables, sneeze without covering, gossiping, alcohol, no sunscreen, too much coffee, credit card debt, thumb sucking, surfing at work, over-spending, hoarding, spitting, snoring, not vacuuming, tardiness, no insurance, littering, cheating, youtube, whining, calling in sick, procrastination, too many open tabs, anti-social, slurping, swearing eating at grocery store, one-upping, pencil biting, bad diet, biting fingernails, hitting the snooze button, shopping while hungry

Do you think I should have added a cigarette to the design?

Mwahahaha, although I think several elements will run afoul with the rejectionator …

Problem #100: too many t-shirts?

Eh, that’s just a single cheeseburger. Now if it were a double … plate of enchiladas.

This sounds like a good habit to me!

(I had like 3 hours of sleep last night.)

I wonder what it takes to move into the excessive classification …

I had to resubmit.
I had a layer missing in the previous design :frowning:
Please vote!!!

F*!k, he’s a little late to the party, but I hope you like him!

A pipe!

haha I hope not.
But I actually had to resubmit because I left out a whole layer in the design.

I’m not sure what elements in this would get rejected. Great art, by the way!

He was also voted ‘Least Likely to Succeed’.

Thank you very much!

I think people will develop their own interpretation of the design, based on their own procrastination methods.
I was thinking of a weekend Netflix binge.

The Unninja himself may be least likely to succeed, but on a shirt, I say most likely!

Great design but how is this on theme?