Derby entry comments for Derby #475: All-Over Prints

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This was such a cool derby- I hope we can make more for dailies- I wanted way more time on this-

Here’s a bigger version to get an idea of how it may connect-



Inspired by Alice in Wonderland and the psychedelic look of the 60’s - this, ladies and gentlemen, is my shirt design. I hope you like it.

This shirt is pretty freakin’ cool. Nice composition!


fun contest,printing on the back is optional

Here’s a better view of the front and back:

I really like this one. Nice work! Hope I get to order it :smiley:

So artsy and soooo great. Will the artwork continue onto the backside of the shirt?

We all need some.

incredible! +1

Reworked and polished this old favorite. Hope you like it!

so cool!

Nice use of the white in the shirt blank. Printing on the back is suggested, but not required.

amazing! +1

you rock on this Theme! +1

I love this one!