Derby entry comments for Derby #480: Halloween

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Happy Hallowoot 2015!

Thanks for checking out my design, it’s six colors on a kelly green shirt.


We’re all spooky skeletons on the inside. Orange tee, glows in the dark!

-Spiritgreen :^)


It was just a matter of time when you two collaborated. Great job guys!

awesome details as always! :smiley:

Big thanks to the great Walmazan for a collab this week!

If there was someone who gave 1-up mushrooms out for Halloween, I’d Trick or Treat there all night!

this is so good!

that little cute rat :smiley:

Trick or treat with a friend, guys- It’s dangerous out there- :wink:


Oh My! the horror! look at all that wasted candy :p. here’s a closer view for y’all!


Technically, because 2016 is a leap year, there are 138 days. However, I wanted the shirt to be correct 3/4 of the time and to give a reason to start drinking early this, and every 4 years.

great work!

I heard you guys liked Hocus Pocus. Can’t wait for it to start playing on tv again.

*For all the Millennials here, there was a show called Bewitched, look it up and you’ll get the reference :wink:

“Dude, I don’t know what’s going on, but they are just opening their doors!”

love it!