Derby entry comments for Derby #482: Slogan

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The exercise part will kick in anytime now…

  • Spiritgreen


“A Flying Fox”


A handy guide to engineering in space: watch out for the port nacelle. Everyone always seems to target that one.


I love this!

Love it, especially the navy design on silver. :slight_smile:

Simple, fun, not gimmicky. Terrific!

My first white shirt derby entry! I must be crazy!


Do what it says! DOOO IT!

“I’m Not Posessive…”

But I could be. Those sneaky Apostrophes. I’d be a grammar nerd if I didn’t keep messing it up.

Rework of an older entry :smiley: Hope you enjoy.

Rework of an older entry :smiley: Hope you enjoy.

Sorry Frankie.



Oh god yes. I need a new Fablefire fox shirt :smiley: