Derby entry comments for Derby #483: Holiday Cards

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A holiday card with an old Christmas classic.

Close-up detail:


Awww love it!

I had fun making this one… :slight_smile:

I heart container this card. +1

Winter… snow… a non-denominational card for ya. You just have to like cats a little;)

funny and i love the style on this one. nice bright colors

This is just awesome. Great job and cool style.

Sweet color palette!

Very nice, I was hoping someone would go the pixel route.

Winner! Awesome!

Based on one of my favorite episodes of the Big Bang Theory!

Christmas cards are the only reason I actually own an address book.

This is really well done! Great job.

Gorgeous as always!

geeze, how true is this. I hate all the running around on the holidays. I would rather stay at home and drink eggnog :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a collaboration with Oogie20 :slight_smile:

Wow those horns are making me …ummm… yulely

I’m hoping both paws and claws find their way towards the top!

Cool style :slight_smile: