Derby entry comments for Derby #485: Flowers


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Another slightly strange derby entry, let me know what you think guys and girls, your last bunch of comments were greatly appreciated!


This was inspired by the adult coloring books that are all the fashion right now. I drew these flowers out of concentric circles, and added some bold coloring. I hope you like it!


Or “Flower Child” if you prefer…


Walking Dead fans get it. :slight_smile:


My favorite Joe Dirt quote.


Cempasúchil is the dial de los muertos flower. People visit graveyards and leave this flower and present to the people they have lost

I hope you like it!


6 colors


4 colors


2 colors


I pretty much used this derby as an excuse to draw a fairy. :slight_smile:


had a really fun time making this one! you you gusy dig it as well! here’s a bigger comp for you guys as well :wink:


This is really nice Walmazan! I really like the colors.


:smiley: I’m loving the strange side you’re venturing down here. Very awesome indeed!




Needs a better font, taterpuss.


I assume these are buttercups :wink:


Lovely, really.


Congrats. This was one I was sure wouldn’t escape a Groot shirt. Thanks for not letting me down.