Derby entry comments for Derby #485: Flowers


Them’s fightin’ words, flower!


Tried something a little less cartoony for this one. It was a good exercise. Here’s a closer look, too:


A little fun one for you guys this time. I hope you like it. Happy to receive any feedback.



Wow Walmazan! You’re truly a fantastic shirt designer. Every single derby you submit something that makes me smile. :slight_smile:


Shouldn’t it be “Aaaaaaaaaaassssss Yoooooooooooouuuuuu Wiiiiiiiiiiiiissssshhhhhhhh!” … May not have worked as well on the design though :wink:


I don’t know about “slightly”, Aaron, but seeing how I bought two copies of cat bike sick, keep the strangeness going!


I am loving it too Randyotter. Unique.


WOW! Skills on display.


Well, I decided to take the advice to use a more appropriate font on this… Please vote again if you still like it. Thanks to Marceepauff for calling out my horrible font choice.


Although I’m told this one might still be horrible.


I reckon second time round is a much better match for the artwork. Good job. GMV


HAHAHA! I love it!


That’s a dandy lion. :^)


it looks even cooler in the big version!




makes me giggle! Good job and I like the font!


Fog be crazy!


I always love your skeletons!


Kind of an odd shirt comp. Do you have anything bigger so that we can see it better?


Neat, I love the muted tones. Great job :slight_smile: