Derby entry comments for Derby #488: Holiday Eats

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Eat and drink all the things? Challenge accepted.


'Tis a recipe for deliciousness!


Simple and brilliant! Great job!

Think before you wish.

Greatest Thanksgiving turkey giveaway promotion EVER!

Not seeing any “Holiday” in this design…

Gold! I have this happen to me every holidays! It’s the holiday bloat!

seriously my favorite vegetable. nice!

Yes, you are right, you can’t see the “holiday eats” because they are already in her tummy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Probably shooting myself in the foot by turning voting into a debate, but:

Boo Team Dressing…
Team Stuffing for Life-


That’s like saying my design follows protocol; the subject is behind her, on the shelf in the other room.

Down with team Stuffin’!!!
Team Dressing is the one true side!

Team stuffing my face.


Come on! Everything suggest its after a Thanksgiving dinner; the pie, the turkey, the stuffing, the fall colors :slight_smile:


love it!


this is amazing!!! +1