Derby entry comments for Derby #488: Holiday Eats



so good!

Sorry for pushing my political agenda on you…but dammit, I support the sanctity of turkey. - Resubmitted…had to fix the colors!

Nice style

Let’s take back Thanksgiving!!

A remake of a concept I had once before, let me know what you think :slight_smile:

Cracked me up. GMV.

Cute but pumpkin is actually a fruit…

And while you’re at it…follow your dreams!

Thanks dude!

We’re celebrating pickup trucks now?

This shirt is anti-hate.

Any chance of aprons, Woot?

Fruitcakes get a bad rap from the cheap artificially flavored ones chock full of preservatives. There’s definitely nothing wrong with good ones.

Blahahaha, this is true! Buy this, and where like all those Super Bowl shirts of the non-winning teams they ship overseas, lol…

Guess we should gut this cat and find out…

This is very relaxing to look at.


I’m glad you went with this one