Derby entry comments for Derby #49: Independence

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Breaking Away is a cycling term when a rider breaks from the rest of the pack and goes out on their own. With the Tour de France starting soon, I was inspired to do a Break Away design with a rider breaking from the peloton or chase group. Also a great design for those who remember the movie 'Breaking Away"…one of my favorites from the late seventies. Thank you for your vote!

Just an independent flower throwing off the shackles of oppression.

Many describe the sensation of riding a motorcycle as pure freedom, like there is nothing and nobody else, only you and the machine alone on the road – this is what I tried to capture. It feels almost as though you are restricted by nothing; not your responsibilities, your rational thoughts, or even sometimes the laws of physics : ) , complete independence. Going out for a solitary ride at night can provide much needed time away from everything and everyone. Vote if you like!

This is a parody of Picasso’s famous depiction of Don Quixote. Instead of tilting at windmills, he’s tilting at a powerplant. This represents a quest for independence from non renewable energy.

The former resident of this cage has broken free to begin his life of independence.

I may just have to buy this if it places.

  1. It goes with spring-ATRON.
  2. I’m in computer software engineering.

Hmmmmm. Good luck rg.

Yeah I wanna be the first to say this is VERY well done and I REALLY hope it stays in the fog to the end!

When I first thought of this theme, I decided to focus on my first feeling of independence. Thinking about my experiences moving out, in college, moving back home, etc. could not capture that first feeling of independence, so I dove way back and thought about my bicycle. My bicycle and I were inseparable. I’d often just drop it off in the front yard ready instantly when I got back home to go back out again. Thank goodness I lived in a low-theft neighborhood. Sometimes, I’d perch my guinea pig on my shoulder or basket and ride with him out to the park to play. Obviously, I was an only child. So my bike riding excursions were important to me. I could get further than walking but I wasn’t old enough to drive. We also had a grocery store near-by which allowed me to go, buy as much junk food as I could afford, load it onto my bike (sometimes two bags to a handlebar) and bike back home or out to my foresty-area to sit, think, and eat. I was lucky enough to live close to a school, (playground!) park, petting zoo, public pool, creek, grocery, books store, slushy palace, and a myriad of other stores/areas to make a girl feel independent. Since getting my drivers license, I have not biked as much, (but I still have a bike) but I still remember the fond memories of getting on my bike, going wherever I wanted, and often pushing the home-before-dark rule. To me, kids on bicycles are the essence of independence, and freedom.

Have you ever rode your bike up a hill, pushed off, and kicked up your feet while gliding down? It’s a wonderful feeling of being all on your own, free in this beautiful world.

Really like this design…glad you stuck with the brown on white. looks great! GMV

Free yourself from consumerism!


Independence from gas and high gas costs…

“he is going to kill me!!”

“hey thats a good idea!!”

?? I lolllled.

the cat doesn’t appear to be doing very well…

My True Love Gave to Me … nevermind.

When I heard Independence and Indepent, I thought about the ‘empty nest’ idea. I didn’t want to do a traditional bird from nest design, or parents waving their kids off to college. So I thought about a slightly different take on the empty nest idea. We always hear of the phrase “A Partridge in a Pear Tree”. It’s the cornerstone of the song for the 12 days of Christmas. Starts the song and ends it. One (the partridge) is dependent on the other (the pear tree) in order to make the perfect first gift from ‘my true love’. But, suppose the bird wants to assert its independence and break away from tradition. Here’s a design for the bird flying from the pear tree gift. Well…we’re always told it was the thought that counts. Drawn in a slightly sketchy, folk art style. Thank you for your vote.

Sometimes we can’t wait to to on our own and free. Other times, all we need is a little push to begin our first steps to independence.

This bird has broken free from captivity in a cage and is now living a life of independence.

Robots unite! Be independent from battery addiction!