Derby entry comments for Derby #49: Independence

Even pants desire to break free from the bondage of our legs, hips, and waists. And when they gain their independence, just what will they do? The Inde-PANTS-Dance!

Reminds me so much of xkcd. :slight_smile:

When you’ve gotta get away from the bunch and preserve your sanity, jam on a parachute and assert your independence.

If you ever see this happening, just hose the whole situation down with water and you should be ok.

Thanks for your votes, humans.

Happy, carefree and independent! Woohoo!

Is that an adult bird? It almost looks like a male or female bird leaving it’s mate. I like the idea of first flight, but it’s coming across to me like one partner is skipping out and leaving the other to tend to the nest.

This is great!! (and I love that you put it on white!)

This revolution will be groundbreaking!

Be independent, soar away from the flock. Stand out from the crowd…or um, fly out…Yeah, you get the idea…

Hope you all like it!

This lone cow has left the herd behind to live independently.

Big Ups from Pennsylvania’s Dutch country. I know it is a local thing but it is cool to witness.

Independence in the form of a self-reliant woman is a very strong interpretation of the theme for me. Here she sits upon the world and looks out into the universe. The world is hers and there’s no stopping her.

Thank you in advance for the votes!!!

More love from Amish country. This is not a live traced image.

Great idea and great color choice :slight_smile:

The first step toward independence is to think outside the box.

i dont get it

this is one awesome design.

not your best, honestly. seems unfinished and vague