Derby entry comments for Derby #490: Holiday Sweater Tees

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Hoth a holly, jolly Christmas…


I always wondered what games they were playing…

In the spirit of ugly.

I like how Rudolph is serving drinks. He can’t play any reindeer games. :smiley:

so good! +1

well done! +1

Great minds! Love your Randy! “I can’t get up!”

I had this idea last year before I started designing shirts. I’m so glad I finally had the chance to make it. A Very Merry Unchristmas to You!

Love it!

This also explains how his nose got so red :wink:

Nice! I did Alice in Wonderland too.

Nice :slight_smile:

Figured I’d try a throw back to some of my classics. Tis the Season!

Closer Detail


It had to happen somehow!

He cheats, anyway.

This is how WE do Christmas. :slight_smile: