Derby entry comments for Derby #493: Aprons

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GrEetingS sIr or MaDam! I aM the BaKe-O-mAtiC.

I cAn pReParE AnY fOoD yOu deSiRe - aLthOugH - dUe To a dEsIgN fLaW, I wiLL sErVe iT tO yoU aT 9000 MiLeS pEr HoUr.


I’m a ****ing bear!


This is a resub with minor modifications and colors more appropriate to the old-timey typography. I REALLY want this apron for myself. If you’re not interested in voting for me how about a comment for Woot to HM this? :slight_smile:

This is a real recipe of my own that I make regularly for my kids yet somehow manage to forget. It’d be cool to get this printed so I can always have it available. The upside-down reprint of the recipe on the bottom will make that extra convenient.

Ask me any questions you like about the recipe if you’d like to try making them! They’re really tasty.

Hey everybody! Thanks for looking! It’s been a while, so I decided to ease my way back in by touching up an old apron design I did for one of the first apron derbies. Hope you like it!

Und ere wve gerd an erprn! Herp yer like er, bork bork bork!

Not gonna lie - it’s my sweet rolls that bring all the boys to the yard, not my milkshakes.

Nothing wrong with self identifying as a tart, right? They’re fruity and delicious!

Haaa! Swedish chef style

Just pretend it’s ketchup

[¬º-°]¬ [¬º-°]¬ [¬º-°]¬

That’s clever! I like it!

Lovely idea & it looks great.

Did you want to keep woot up all night printing aprons? Because that’s how you keep woot up all night printing aprons.

I had a 7th color in there! Doh! Please re-vote!

Root vegetables

HAHA! +1

SO good! +1

winner! +1

love it! +1

Cheese wheel, honey nut treat, a good 'ol bottle of ale, the makings of a meal for any true nord. And to top it all off, everyone’s favorite delic---- What!? OH GODS, NOT AGAIN!

Haha this was kind of fun and I thought a good fit. Hope you guys like!