Derby entry comments for Derby #495: All-Over Holiday Shirts

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Hahaha … love it!

Ever wonder why Santa never dies? Well, now we know. This design shows Santa on the front with Death listed on his “Nice List.” On the back, Death grins at his new scythe from Santa as he removes Santa from his “Death List.” What an unusual team!


The back is a reflection, so that the lines match up and continue around the shirt. You can be a walking Candy Cane this year! Just don’t fall on the ground.

This tee has the full text of Twas the Night Before Christmas (fun fact: the title is actually “A Visit from St. Nicholas”). The back of the tee is a reflection of the background, just without the poem superimposed. There’s a lot of shading, way more than 6 colors, and a lot of transparency to give it a more Christmasy/snowy glow.

There’s already a bunch of shirts like this.

I won’t be mad if Woot rejects it, but I wasn’t able to find any all-over prints or dye sublimation prints on the theme (the Pinterest link is new to me, not sure if that’s a real product or not), so I figured this was probably different enough to be its own thing.

There’s some cool stuff you can do with dye sub (art on the sleeves, art closer to the side seams) that suits gingerbread well because the cookies naturally would have frosting in those areas.

That sunset is beautiful, but doesn’t Woot generally stay away from religion?

I think we have a winner!

Well, that would damn them to Hell! Lol…

Just some people in the desert…

Yep, just camping and looking at the stars. It’s probably the Mojave desert. Very trendy.

this is so good! +1

I wanted to make something Christmasy, but still wearable even past Christmas. Enjoy!


I bet that’s a pic from burning man this year. The last camp standing.

A reprise of my journal design. I really loved this one, so I wanted to share it in shirt form. <3

lol… this is great. Good job!

This is really funny, and great minimal use of the all-over option. I like that it’s not SO christmasy that we can’t wear it all year.

Nicely done!