Derby entry comments for Derby #500: New Mythical Creatures - $5K Cup Round 1 of 3

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You already knew that the tooth fairy sneaks into your house and takes kid’s teeth. Now you know what happened to all of those missing socks. SOCKTAPUS!!!

Is he a yokai? A kaiju?

All we know is this ultimate form of cats must be stopped, or at least distracted.

Happy 500th Shirt Woot derby!

I’m so excited about this theme!!!

I love creatures that have legends about them- especially legends that become nursery rhymes. Figured I’d try my own. :wink:

From the mythical Minotaur: half bull, half man

So majestic… :slight_smile:

LOVE the colors here, Spirit

I didn’t get a chance to do the half-toning, but it will be in the final, I promise!

He will consume your very lives! GET UP OFF THE COUCH BEFORE IT’S TOO… oh, look! Jessica Jones is on Netflix.

EDIT: Here’s the updated version with the halftones applied. Thanks for the votes so far!

So rad- so cute. Love this little (?) guy. :slight_smile:

Triple Threat… of cuteness. :slight_smile:

They feel so calm and cute… I’m assuming I shouldn’t wake them up though. :wink:

Of course you’ve never seen one! These butterfly-cats are masters of jungle camouflage.

Love it- heh I bet I have one of these guys living in the back of the dryer…

That’s a great little verse and character. :^)

Fun ideas here!
I wrote a story about a Mercat for a NEW FOLK TALES picture book I’m working on. :slight_smile:

Oh, THAT’s where my other red sock went… +1

So grumpy! haha. :slight_smile: NOPE!

I must have a bunch of these at my house! Can’t find ANY matching socks anymore!

Great shirt!

He’s under the water, see?

Nice- I like how you made it like a page in a Monster Manual… :slight_smile: