Derby entry comments for Derby #501: Front Left Chest


Think of the Star Trek quotes to be used as foreplay with this!

“I’d like to get my hands on her “ample nacelles,” if you pardon the engineering parlance.”

Apparently not :(… have tried a resub to make concept clearer… Will see what happens…


I would’ve liked to see the tip of the sword sticking out from the bottom of the pocket.

I love his feets!

Way to go guys. NOW he’s crying…

Willow was okay… LOVED Madmartigan :slight_smile:

awesome concept! :smiley:

or Nac Mac Feegle


“You are drunk. And when you are drunk you forget that I AM IN CHARGE.” This is my favorite movie of all time. Got my vote!

Willow reference? Insta-win.


had to say it a few times…very clever! want one!

Norwegian blue from Monty python, must have it!

Lando’s got people who can fix him

No, no problem. Why?

This is so good