Derby entry comments for Derby #501: Front Left Chest

haha,… nice man!!

I hope!

Thanks everyone!
I was really worried that no one else would get the reference. I searched for “willow” on woot and nothing popped up.
Thanks again!

Damn you blew my mind forgot about these guys. GMV


Beautiful shading =)

This is so great! Best of luck and hope I get to wear it.

Bigger view Here

That’s some tight texture screening there. Really nice. And on the snowman one too.

But judging from their current position, it seems that a lot of people forgot about them.
In the future, I’ll make shirts in reference to “Innerspace”, “Suburban Commando”, and other forgotten classics.

A good one this is.

wibbly wobbly shirty-wirty stuff

I love this, but shouldn’t blood be coming out of the rips on the shoulder?

Love it. I have a black cat that looks at strangers like that.

Pipboy + Pokemon = Pokeboy!

Hope you enjoy!

Glad you like it 8)

Awww, that’s cute!

I want this shirt so badly

Thanks, man!
Me too.
I’m hoping it miraculously triples in votes by tomorrow. If not, I’ll definitely resubmit it in future derbies.

Dust of broken heart. :frowning:

Thanks! I made pretty much the exact same BB8 design as Oakenspirit, and was moments from submitting it when it was rejected. I tried to think of a rejection safe BB8, but I ended scrapping it for this.