Derby entry comments for Derby #502: Quitters! - $5K Cup Round 2 of 3

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Why bother exploring dungeons and defeating monsters when there’s money in the grass? Right in the grass!

Sometimes it’s good to quit hiding under your shell and just move on. :slight_smile: Hope you like my new design and thanks for checking it out.

You can do it!

Intervention from the reaper.

No specific reference, although it came out a little Discworldy.

Thanks for looking,

never trust a dolphin


My ode to Bill Paxton-


Perfect for that friend who is always saying they are done with this place.

After violently stomping a neighbor’s pet turtle while screaming about coins, Mario finally realizes that he has a problem.

I don’t want one…I WANT A BUNCH OF THEM!!!

Hah! Greatness.

who has time to learn a new dance… meh

Not exactly following the theme here…

It’s about “quitters.” Not about “not quitting…” Tougher to adhere to and design for the actual derby theme I presume.

Darth Vader is sick of Palpatine’s schwartz!

By Grabthar’s Hammer, what a design!

This is great, Kevlar!

Good for anyone quitting or who has just quit smoking perhaps?


Great minds!