Derby entry comments for Derby #502: Quitters! - $5K Cup Round 2 of 3


haha Got my vote!

In real Rubik’s cube no two central pieces have the same color. Your cube is not solvable.

Um, what’s a quittle?

Better than Pet Cemetery! xD

Preview Image definitely doesn’t do this one any justice. Had a great time making it. Thought it turned out rad. I hope you like it!


OH MY GOD! This is my nephew!

The daily struggle.

For a friend, right? :wink:

Was thinking the same thing. This isn’t really on theme.

I love this so much!

I’ve tried a couple of these.

Nice to see this one back- the face in the cloud is a nice touch.

Welcome back, sir.

Nevermind… not enough sleep. Totally just realized that it’s a parody on Skittles. Duh.

Someone didn’t waste any time. Is your shirt.woot office chair even cold yet? :stuck_out_tongue:

I assume someone took it already. It had a nice view. I’m pretty rusty but it’s good to be back on the horse at least. :slight_smile:

REJECTED!!! The ps4 controller is prolly copyrighted or something.

Checking this entry for voter fraud.

Now the QUITTER theme makes perfect sense… :wink:

Welcome back Tgentry- :smiley: Look forward to many amazing entries from you.