Derby entry comments for Derby #503: Color Spotlight: White Tees

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The hours spent poring over graph paper crafting adventures so intricate that they FELT real. Notice the shadows behind the dice – they’re casting shadows as if the light from the dragon’s fire was REAL! Dungeon planning is a labor of love, a craft of caring, creativity and just a sprinkling of sadism. Vote for this shirt to show your love for mastering the games!


An abominable joke on an abominable shirt - fool your friends with this costume style tee referencing everyone’s favorite snowy monster.

There are already a ton of shirts like this, for example:

You want to do something original for these contests. I always google my ideas to see if they’ve already been done.

T.A.R.D.I.S, Time And Relative Dimensions In Space

great i did a typo at the title !

Inkblot tests are supposed to tell you more about your personality characteristics. What do you see in the ink?

My son loves Paw Patrol, so it inspired me to make this.

Ink bots?

This is beautiful.
Great job!

If I had 87 accounts, I would give you some sweet, sweet votes! Alas, I do not. Maybe one of the fogged artists will share with you.


Not a fan of the show, but this is super clever and lovely. :slight_smile:

YES- Dems my boys. :smiley:

Lovely- So calm and subdued.


Wonderful, wearable, wobblers. :smiley:

REPRESENT! or something. :wink: Nice one.

This is really cool, I’m not a fan of the show, but I’d buy this just for its awesomeness.