Derby entry comments for Derby #504: Pop Culture Mashups $5K Cup Round 3 of 3

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Four turtles + glowing ooze = …unpredictable results.


I was trying to think of a single mash-up epic enough for this derby, and instead I came up with this. A mash-up of mash-ups, with bacon at the center of the universe. I hope you like. :slight_smile:

Oregon Trail + The Martian


Maybe the Klingons were happy about the shipment of tribbles, did you ever think about that?!

Vader in the style of the Cobra logo from GI Joe


This is too cute! :smiley: <3

Crap, can I resubmit just the logo w/ no text or would it still be rejected?

This is a mashup of Dr. Who and MST3k. The good Doctor sits in a theater chair with his robotic dog and traveling machine cracking jokes at whatever life throws his way. Two great pop-culture themes in one!

This is a mashup of the ever-popular computer games Minecraft and Skyrim. It shows a Minecraftian character using a famous Skyrim “shout” (Fus Ro Dah) on an Ender Dragon. This is a common Skyrim theme drawn in Minecraftian style.


Just because every other t-shirt site is ignoring Watterson’s wishes doesn’t mean Woot has to follow.

Too fun! Now I have that song stuck in my head…

Wow! Something other than Dr. Who or Star Wars! Clever!!!

Thanks! My kids were impressed too. Of course, they are easily impressed when their favorite games are involved. :slight_smile:

In case someone (somehow) does not know the original layout on which this is based:

Can’t go wrong with bacon!

The title alone is worth a win. Great job!