Derby entry comments for Derby #505: Anything but Cats and Star Wars

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I just figured “No cats and Star Wars” was a direct invitation to draw Star Trek and dogs. Happy Holidays, everyone!

Bill and Ted can’t be worse than the actual candidates, right?

That’s exactly what my kids told me! (except I didn’t listen, did I?) Great design!!!

Too true!

A collab with EduSuarez :slight_smile:

Love it!

Yet again I reckon your design is fantastic. Great job!

My favourite TV wedding ever :slight_smile:

YEsss! I too took the bait. :slight_smile: Yours is so cute!

It was difficult deciding what breed of dog to make Capn’ - so I went with a weimaraner. They’re so noble looking and shiny, like the Capn’s head.


I somewhat Pezzimistic about my chances with this derby…

Thanks, man!

Haha I was going to do that

It’s only logical

HAHAHAHA I love this


Yep, not a catshirt! GMV.


Haha, well it’s got my vote.