Derby entry comments for Derby #506: Resolutions

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Work. Family. Collecting amiibo. These things need to be in perfect balance, make it your 2016 resolution with this handy metaphorical shirt.


Happy New Year!

Hah, nice!

My resolution is always to lose weight…as soon as I’m done eating this chocolate I got for Christmas.

Hope you like it!:smiley:

Theoretically this is a larger image of the design. Every element has been overwritten with a possible resolution. SOME RESOLUTIONS ARE NOT RECOMMENDED!!

The new year is a time to reflect on the old.

Par for the course, time.

“See back of shirt” But there’s nothing on the back of the shirt. :slight_smile:

You always have grand plans to start off the new year, but a few days in all you want to do is pop on Netflix and snuggle up for the long winter ahead.

Each new year, like each new day, is a new beginning. This shows a simple sunrise, representing a new start.


Haha didn’t notice that part. As you can tell there are obviously HOURS OF WASTED WORK

This is totally me!

HA! It’s me! +1

so good!

very good! +1

ha! +1

haha! +1

good one! +1

What am I going to do? Throw away all those cookies and cake, like some kind of a monster?!