Derby entry comments for Derby #507: Triangles

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Yes, yes, yes… My next Fishbiscuit shirt.

OOOOooooooooh. Lovely. Perfect color choice too.

Man, this is solid. Love the subtle, yet identifiable slices of each world.


Love the linework on their hats. A cool dichotomy against their over-cute faces. :smiley:


Woot staff, please give me a heads up if this will be rejected for referencing a triangle rather than having one blatantly in the design. I have a backup version where the sun is a triangle that I can resub. THANKS!

Triangles are tasty!

I like it as is, but wonder if that would work better with a triangle anyway. Possibly even the A in Bermuda.

I realize it’s obvious without that, but it’s almost something people would be looking for.

:smiley: Anyway- fun design- The Bermuda Triangle was one of my childhood loves. heh

This is fun. I love his warm little face. heh

I knew taking Latin in high school would pay off one day.

Well thanks! That was my original thinking - that the triangle would be expected, but it visually worked better as a regular sun. I appreciate the feedback!

I am aware of how stupid this is :slight_smile:

This is epic!

You don’t want to step on it. The pain never ends!
(I’m playing with Legos this very moment)

I enjoy this design a lot! great work.

Little different than my usual stuff, hope you guys like it.



2016 is Zelda’s 30th anniversary, gotta expect great things.