Derby entry comments for Derby #509: ​Product Spotlight: Zip Hoodies

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An obscure interactive kerning sweatshirt design for the inner typography geek in us all <3 With a dinosaur bonus of course~

Just some pretty little fairy wings :slight_smile:

Type-oholics unit! Great idea.

The Knights of Ren didn’t have a sigil in the movie. The First Order did but they are not the same thing.


Dear Woot,
the .AI file you put up didn’t match the photoshop file. It’s missing the work area square on the opposite side of the zipper.

I don’t think you can print there?

Looks like this isn’t a super-popular derby (right now).

Been done already anyhow.

That’s awesome!

A tattoo style featuring two of my favorite franchises, the design features green and red shells, coins, hearts, stars, horseshoes, clovers and oh wait, that’s Lucky Charms.

Design details

I hope they could print it, because I really liked the idea of a picture that could change depending on the zipper placement. I suppose Woot will decide. :slight_smile:

By the way, I love the wings, Jennzilla!

this is genius!

It’s been updated now. As an added bonus the sport gray option should have the appropriate texture in it now.

Damn great job GMV

Thanks fellow type-oholic! :smiley:

…or the county in which you live - Kern :slight_smile: