Derby entry comments for Derby #51: Pixel Grid

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Just thought 8-bit bombs would look cool. :slight_smile:

Modern design with an art deco feel along the lines of a Frank Lloyd Wright window or light screen. Thank you for your vote.

A border of pixel roses along the bottom hem gives you an arsty, weird shirt without having to wear giant pixel art plastered large across your torso.

I wanted to something that didn’t look all pixelated – Mondrian-style colored squares does the trick…

The Earth is Made of Pixels, it’s true if you think about it.

Portrait of the Artist As a Minor Household Appliance.

terrific word play, execution, and low-starch alternative.

Brush-on pixel design. Overlapping colors are shown as well. Fun design on black so that the colors POP!

Make a Wish
Make a wish, on my Pixelated Star,
it’s 8-bit wonders aren’t very far.
All I can say is that the time is here,
to make sure that all your love for it’s clear.

yeah yeah… I wrote a dorky poem… but I was bored waiting for the system to let us upload. it’s not great or anything, but at least it could be seen as humorous.

I decided to depart from the traditional idea of pixel art with jagged lines and approached this theme with a simple and clean design in mind. My inspiration actually came from a few years ago when I was bored and drew up pixel art city in ms paint in a similar style. The purpose for me was to create a modern and relevant design that can be worn (almost) anytime and (nearly) anywhere.
Drawn pixel by pixel on a 64x80 grid in the GIMP and then expanded to size–three shades of gray on a brown shirt.
It’s been a while since I’ve entered anything—I appreciate your comments!


The quieter, more reflective twin.

You know you still secretly own a pair (or at least wish you did)!

First woot last night, first vote here!!!

Nice design, I can even wear this at my work.


Hooray for Earths!

Making fun of badly digitized pictures - that’s all - not the shirts! :slight_smile:

Another art deco inspired design. Modern and bold. Thank you for your vote.

The crazy in your face twin!

Pleased to meet you!