Derby entry comments for Derby #514: Terrible Advice

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Dogmeat tends to get gassy with soda.

“Drink Beer”

*Not a real stethoscope.

Goooooood… Goooooooooooooood GRIEF!

Haha- perfect!

“You catch more flies with honey than vinegar” has always been a weird saying to me.

That can’t be healthy…

Poor Bothans… :frowning:

Hilarious- They should make a STAR WARS spin-off that is basically Austin Powers, but with a Bothan Spy.

Cute and clever… gmv!

Winner Winner Opossum Dinner

don’t vote for it ;)))

This advice is the worst!

awesome design! i dig it!

get angryyyy!

Or is this good advice? Can one really go wrong with pizza?

I can spin this a million ways. There’s gonna be a lot or resubs!

YES!! If this prints, I know several folks who need it.

I’d trust this cat’s advice, look how happy he is!

This can actually be great advice! Now if there’s a version that says “you need more caffeine” (or along the like), that’d be bad advice.

Trust me, this is really bad advice. The people around me need me to drink caffeine. lol.