Derby entry comments for Derby #515: Navigational Elements

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I would do it all for the cookie…Yeah… for the cookie…Yeah… for the cookie YEAH.

I tweaked some of the placement, added a boat, and changed the title of the shirt. I hope it does a bit better this time. It was pretty close to the top for the Triangle Derby!

You’ve heard of “Stop, drop, and roll?” That’s how this cat travels!

Super clever!


Lost mine a long time ago! Love this!

i can haz???

Absolutely love this! You always come up with such awesome ideas!

I’m not lost… I just have no idea where I’m going.

Puurtal! I mean what else would you call it…lol


Lol, thanks guys! I’ll admit, I was a little drunk when I thought of this one.

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So many layers of satire- :wink:

Funny stuff ace.

Great idea- You should make a sister shirt with the piece missing like a best friend necklace…

Hey- I’m going to go forge some best friend necklaces…

Haha- this is a monkey island kind of joke!

Love your style!! I loved your shirt in the last derby and hope these get printed!

A fun little “CatNav” Shirt. I hope you guys like it.