Derby entry comments for Derby #516: Retrofuturism

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Thinking about the future always just makes me want to procrastinate today.

Hoverboards were supposed to let us hover, not burn our houses down.

My all-time favorite flick. Hope you like it- :smiley:

A computer from the late 1940s would have had a circuit board block similar to this in it. This vacuum tube assembly is in the open chest cavity of a robot, so the wearer appears to be the robot!

It’s so easy! Just point and shoot! Right in the eyes!

For those yet to have the viewing pleasure. Here is the Full Retro - futuristic pleasure of Kung Fury, on which my design for this derby is based. Brace yourself.


A mixture of Star Wars, Steampunk and good old Propaganda

A ThatRobert shirt? Sold! (Or at least I hope so!) GMV

Mixed up the thumb and the composition on original submission so here is the proper file…


Love it!


Fantastic! Love the gears!

If I die from laughing, it’s going to be your fault, Fishie!

this rules!

Show your metallic masters what a good human you are by voting for this shirt.

Uranus jokes never get old and I have the sense of humor of a middle schooler. :slight_smile:

Together, we shall bring peace to the galaxy!