Derby entry comments for Derby #519: H2O no you didn't

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H2O No you didn’t drop the soap…

H 2 Oh yeah.


Does anyone know if there are any plans for Woot to go to digital prints?

Six colors seems really limiting, and I know some of their shirts are digital prints (like the cat with the sunglasses one).

A ‘Dad joke’… on a shirt.

The name goes so well with the movie’s vibe. Nice job omarfeliciano!

This is a satire of the concept of bottled water in general, but specifically the brands that are literally just the tap water of exotic-sounding places.


Wow, great!

Very cool Ponyo shirt!

Welcome Back! Great shirt!

Sodium is an alkali metal, which has an explosive reaction when combined with water.

Love this one! GMV!

Awesome. I love Ponyo.

Always such clever submissions!

“Yippee Koi Yay, Cat Lover!”

Aww, thanks :slight_smile:

Now that’s clever AND cute :smiley:

Ha ha, neat. :slight_smile:

Rain is just water in free fall! :slight_smile:

Much appreciated mate.