Derby entry comments for Derby #52: Emergency!

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It seemed like the good times would never end. Marble after marble swallowed whole in a feeding frenzy, like it was an eating race or something. But they should have realized that such gluttony could only lead to famine. Hungry hungry? If only it were so minor.

It was a crisis. They must have waited on that red plastic board for months. Years, even! And all that ever came was dust. Where had all the marbles gone? Scarcity had struck - their unfettered consumption had turned their world into a Milton Bradley wasteland.

Orange was the first to go. Yellow fell soon after. Green and Pink pressed on, but alas, Green soon succumbed as well. And now Pink was the only hippo left, holding on only because of her fierce tenacity… but how long could she possibly hold out?

In case of fire, always bring a parachute.

Being my wife’s birthday and all, I wanted to dedicate this one to her. I portray a mother cat rescuing her kitten from an exploding/burning building, a representation of a mother’s instinct to protect her child at all cost, especially in an emergency. Happy Birthday Keri!

Do you have an emergency action plan for when the butterflies attack?
For those guys who dislike the thought of a butterfly on their chest, please consider this guy a “mutated caterpillar” . . and this is one tough insect.

Larger image for you guys. :slight_smile:

Mmmm, ya. You ever have one of those days where you had a great idea only to find out later it really wasn’t?

poor kiwi forgot to check his pack before jumping…

Dangit. Never put a glass bowl in the sun… Pocket fishman is in trouble AGAIN!

Severe heat emergency!

v2 - I made the print size larger, and added a super awesome cool halftone gradient. Looks hotter now.

Move the homeland security threat level meter to orange! That’s the last one!

Help spread the word about this threat that affects everyone, every day, everywhere.

This is just one of the many emergencies that govern my activities each and every day, but through education, and careful planning, I have been able to continue to live my life even though the danger of a complete beverage outage is always dangerously close.

Pocket Fisherman was the first thing I thought of :-/

nice one casey gmv [a childs nightmare


A buddy gave me the idea. I just could resist!

Oh shit!

Oh s h i t ! (f u c k censorship)

I can’t find where it says to just comment and not reply :frowning: anywho check out Fight or Flight!


Ever get to mid April with a nagging sensation you’ve forgotten to do something…

Ahh great shirt. GMV. I’ll stay up for this one.