Derby entry comments for Derby #525: Things That Start with the Letter P

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This is a peacock. The word for peacock in Italian is “Pavone.” Why does that matter? Because it sounds amazing! :blush:

A shirt to wear when you’re surrounded by … ahem… or to wear when someone DARES to give you the raspberry!

Because pineapples make it a party.

Penguins and Polarbears at a Place Positioned like a Piano. :slight_smile: PPPPPPPPPPPP!


BTW, this is a revised version of one I submitted before, so it may look familiar to some of you…

Halftones detail



Disclaimer: This shirt does not imply that Japanese pizza is more delicious than pizza of other nations.

Sometimes we all get a little prickly.

So clever!!! Love it!

Words cannot express how much I want this to get a print! This is so awesome! Great Job Randyotter!

And this! Dang these are good!

Pinguïn in a parachute!

nice work here!

Shaggy’s cat I presume :slight_smile:

I could be wrong, but I think a babushka is a Russian hat. The Russian dolls I think you meant are Matryoshka. Not sure if the name is a vote killer or not, but just letting you know in case you wanted to change it.

Nice! Got my vote!
I’m a big fan of:
“Welcome to the Mushroom”
“Sweet Flower O’Mine”
and their collaboration with Bowser on “You Could Be Mine”.

(I can do this all day)